Saturday, March 7, 2020

history consumurism essays

history consumurism essays History consumerism In order to discuss and explain how consumerism has changed American society it must be understood from where it was derived. In order for a manufacturer to run a prosperous corporation the key lies within production and distribution of the product. As long as the manufacturer sparks and keeps the interest of the consumer, consumerism will continually alter American society. In the past when a manufacturer would put a product for sale he'd advertise, sometimes in paper or if a consumer purchased the product by chance and it was a good quality product it would get around by word of mouth, which brings us to the connection. Consumerism, advertising, mass media, and sports all have a connection. They are like a web. Without consumerism the need for advertising would not exist. The manufacturer constantly needs to keep his product in the eye of the people, what better way to do this but advertising? Advertising keeps manufacturers and any form of entertainment in business. It makes everything that much more appealing. The needs of society are constantly changing this is due to consumerism. Depending on a products mass appeal a consumer will make a luxury into necessity, for example the automobile. At one time one-horse carriages were used as transportation but since the invention of cars people found that that automobiles were a must. Sports today use Americans union and sense pride to promote the entertainment of athleticism. They advertise the players of the sports making them seem unbeatable. The consumer's interest is caught therefore luring them to a game and purchasing over priced products. As long manufacturers find was to keep consumers interested in their products, consumerism will continually change American society In order to discuss and explain how consumerism has changed American society it must b ...

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