Sunday, January 19, 2020

Gay Marriages Essay -- Argumentative Persuasive Essays

Gay Marriages Growing up in a heterosexual neighborhood, gay couples were not something that you came across every day as you do in today’s time. At the age of 22, Dawn was introduced to her first gay couple, Mike and Thomas. They were friends of her husband. She had never known a gay couple before or even a gay person. It was extremely strange and uncomfortable for Dawn to be in the presence of two gay men. It was nothing out of the ordinary at first. To Dawn, it was just like two men living together as roommates until they kissed. Dawn felt like she was invading on their privacy as she sat and watched them kiss. She quickly turned her head so she would not be intruding. Now, Dawn is extremely close to Mike and Thomas. She claims them to be some of her best friends. They have shared many life experiences together; their children have grown up together. Over the years that have past, Dawn has come to realize how unfair it was for her to be married to the love of her life. When two people who love each other just as much could not have, their love recognized in the court as hers is. Years have passed since that first day she was introduced to her first gay couple. Seven years to be exact, Mike, Thomas, Dawn and her husband are still very close friends to this day. She is extremely glad that day happen in her life because her life has been enriched with two of the most awesome men. Dawn will know or ever know. Dawn hopes one day that every state will recognize same-sex marriages as not something to frowned upon but something that will make our country thrive. Dawn hopes in writing this paper it makes some people change their minds on same-sex marriages. Gay and lesbians face as many challenges as minorities if not more... ...criminate just because someone is different from us or believes something different from us? If so, we would have a lot more discrimination going on than what we do now. Because no one is going to agree with everything, we do or believe in. Who has the right to say that two people should not be given the right to marry? Why should two homosexual people not be given the same rights to marry as a heterosexual couple? Works Cited D, Emilio, John, Turner B. William and Urvashi Vaid. Creating Change: Sexuality, Public Policy and Civil Rights. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 2000. Kranz, Rachel and Tim Cusick. Gay Rights. New York: Facts On File, Inc. 2000. Merriam-Webster. Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary 2004. 28 Jan. 2004 Oliver, Marilyn Tower. Gay and Lesbian Rights: A Struggle New Jersey: Enslow Publishers, Inc, 1998.

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