Friday, November 1, 2019

How Indian affairs led to tadays foreign affairs Essay

How Indian affairs led to tadays foreign affairs - Essay Example It is evident that the evolution of the United States has led to it becoming a superpower. In most cases, the ideology is that it grew from the declaration of independence; however, the nature of the United States cannot be merely noted or considered to be based on its independence. The lands that the country has grown from must be attributed to the Native American Indians, who roamed the land prior to the American establishment. The development of the United States cannot be solely attributed to the land; various ideologies and factors were copied or integrated into the nature of the existence of the United States. It is considered that there are number of founding truths that serve to explain or illustrate the existence and development of the United States. The truths cannot be overlooked as they are an underlying factor in American history. As the first individuals to reside on the land now known as the United States, they were an isolated tribe and it meant that they were quite p eaceful in their nature. Their wipeout came after Columbus set foot onto the land, where 90 percent died due to exposure to diseases. Since they were unable to counter the diseases, they were fell sick and died. This provided the aspect of the element of development of cures for diseases such as syphilis to avoid a case of the elimination of the Native Americans. The American Indians may have been far inferior to the Americans based historical events. However, the element of the American Indians served to provide a model as to how the Americans can establish their foreign policy. With regard to developing a foreign policy, the hospitality that was given to Columbus upon his arrival in North America is something that is used and shown in the American nature both inside and outside the country. The United States is eager to help other countries and they do this through the use of funding and use of labor to support a cause or ideology. This may not have been the aspects that the Nativ e Americans used during their time. However, the ideology that was used at the time is similar in the manner in which it was applied. The Bill of Rights can be attributed to the Influence of the Native Americans. Thomas Jefferson noticed the manner I which the Indians who were used as slaves felt the effects of their oppression, and it influenced the development of the bill of rights, which is an illustration of the elements that can be considered to be the tools that define an individual’s freedom. The Bill of rights can be considered to be influenced by the Indians as their nature or lack of freedom limitation was an ideology that was applied in the development of the bill of rights. The United States of America can also be considered to be an establishment that was also influenced by the American Indians. The latter lived in different communities that were based on tribes but still part of a collective unit based on whom they were (American Indians). The use of different c ommunities that were still in the same region influenced the development of the states of America but still collectively considered to be a country. The respect for boundaries is a policy that is implemented even today. Regarding Canada and Mexico, the development of the boundaries are well respected and that can be attributed to the Native Americans who had a general respect for their territories and their rules that were part

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