Friday, October 18, 2019

Theater Art Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Theater Art - Essay Example This is a film that is very much about faith, in particular Larry's faith. He is beset by a series of very difficult and painful personal problems. His wife has left him, his children have problems, at work there are a number of issues. Everything he does goes wrong. He is very much like the character of Job from the Old Testament. He seems to be being made to suffer for the amusement of some supernatural force. Climbing to the roof of his home (albeit for another purpose), he is getting closer to heaven and the gods which control his fate. He is also taking the opportunity to survey his situation and his place in the world from on high. The camera angle is below Larry in this shot. His back is to the camera and he looks awkward and ungainly; indeed, his shirt is tucked in and he is wearing nice shoes, not the kind of outfit one wears to climb on the roof. The sky is a bright, clear blue, but much else in the shot is sterile. The only other object, besides the shingles on the roof, i s the antenna, to Larry's left. Larry is in the centre of the frame and all the lines of the roof lead up to him. He is clearly the heart and soul of this picture. Climbing onto the roof is an important chance for Larry to survey his life. After this frame he looks out on the streets and his neighbours.

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