Thursday, October 17, 2019

Impact of poverty In Africa Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Impact of poverty In Africa - Term Paper Example These reasons include armed conflicts, corruption, poor leadership, under utility of land and natural resources, lack of education and spread of diseases due to illegal sexual relations. These problems have adversely affected the life of African in the past and it is being affecting continuously at present as well. (Illife, 1987) Lack of economic activity is another cause of poor life style of Africans. Despite all the potentials, the economy could not deliver due to above-mentioned reasons. Therefore, the continent is unable to overcome the menace of poverty. People lack basic health facilities and lack of pure drinking water. High inflation rate and low GDP has troubled African life despite getting financial assistance from big powers (Illife, 1987). Leadership has not made any efforts to start economic progress in order to lift the life of their fellow citizens. Africa is unable to recover from poverty issue in modern era as well. Impact of poverty in Africa, impact on economic de velopment and present poverty situation shall be discussed in this paper. Mismanagement of land has affected the Africa badly. Despite availability of cultivable land south of Sahara desert, local people do not own land. About 80% South African land is owned by the European settlers of 19th century. This prevented the local people from producing agricultural products for themselves. Lack of food resulted in extreme poverty and deprivation in African people. (Illife, 1987) World has given Africa about 500 billion US dollars for poverty alleviation and economic growth in Africa. Unfortunately, large amount of money was invested in weapons and rest could not reach to deserving people due to corruption by government officials. Therefore only small amount has been used for social services, medical, education and jobs. (White & Killick, 2001) Corruption has also aided to miseries of people. Economic activities are nonexistent due to absence of a capital. People are hard pressed to manage food for daily use. Corruption resulted in lack of agricultural and industrial activity. Snatching of food and other commodities is on the rise. Lack of pure drinking water and mixture of sewerage water caused diseases in Africa. Only 2% people manage to get AIDS treatment. Malaria and cholera are also cause of huge death rate of people in Africa. (Fages, 1999) Civil wars and conflicts between countries are main causes of poverty in Africa. Civil wars resulted in shutting down all government services, affecting trade and economy in Sierra Leone and other parts of Africa. (Illife, 1987) Poverty has long lasting influence on economic development. If we see impact of poverty in Africa than the major effect is high birth rate. Although there is general understanding, that economic development helps in decreasing the birth rate but the exact proportion cannot be judged. Without poverty alleviation of economic activity cannot take place. If hunger and starvation of people is not addressed and they are not provided with the basic health facilities than economic growth cannot take a rapid start. Sierra lone is the African territory where hunger and starvation on the rise despite presence of diamond at the Sierra Leone soil. (Fages, 1999) Poverty is related to many other things that have direct impact on economic growth. Lack of education, bad health and insecurity affects the economic growth of a nation. Lack of education results in non-availability of skilled manpower. Unskilled manpower cannot play effective role in economic progress. But there are examples in the world where poverty did not show great influence on econ

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