Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Critically evaluate the extent to which prisoners with learning Essay - 1

Critically evaluate the extent to which prisoners with learning disabilities are discriminated against in the criminal justice system( prison.) - Essay Example Various studies have been conducted emphasising upon this issue where the discrimination in the justice systems involving prisoners with learning disabilities are assessed. Based on a similar context, the study conducted by Fazel & et. al. (2008) revealed that among the aggregate population of prisoners worldwide, a large proportion of imprisoned criminals can be observed as suffering from a kind of disability (Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services, 2009). This study will be focused on the issue related with the prevalence of prisoners with disabilities today have become a significant concern for researchers being strongly influenced by the social movement emphasising upon discriminatory practices. Research studies in this relation have revealed that prisoners with learning disabilities, which are often categorised as Autistic Spectrum Disorders narrate a comparatively more disturbing psychiatric analysis results, based on their experiences during interrogations and jurisdiction (Leggett & et, al., 2007; Myers, 2004). However, the degree of discrimination or rather relaxation dictated for criminals with learning disabilities, differ from one jurisdiction system to another. Based upon this particular issue, the study will intend to critically evaluate the degree of discrimination being practiced by various jurisdiction systems when judging the criminal conduct of prisoners with learning disabilities. With this concern, the discussion will be structured through an introductory explanation of the issue in focus and comprehensively head towards describing the points along with relevant evaluation. Illustrations will also be taken into account to substantiate the findings of the study where the arguments will be prà ©cised in the conclusion section. Recent updates confirming the noteworthy percentage of vulnerable prisoners identified with learning disabilities was presented by the report published by Talbot (2012). The report confirmed that only

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