Monday, October 7, 2019

Advertisement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Advertisement - Essay Example In this advertisement, the target audience is both sexes. According to the photographs in the ad, we can clearly see that both these people are young, so the advertisement is meant for the young generation. Both of them are also very good-looking, even though they are wearing plain clothing, which helps to focus more on their beauty. They are both making physical, sensual contact with each other, which shows the supposed effect of the fragrance. Also, we can see that the involvement of both sexes shows us that the product at hand should be used by both the male and the female population. On the other hand, it’s clearly evident that the advertisement, which involves introducing a new product into the market, is meant to call attention to the product so that the target audience can be attracted to it, like it and at the end of the day purchase the product. The person viewing the advertisement is made aware that the fragrance is new because only new items usually end up in magazines, since those are the ones that the companies feel an audience would like. The advertisement also clearly states that the product is new, prompting the audience to want to give this new fragrance a try. Through this presentation, the audience is enticed to try the effect of the fragrance for themselves. Similarly, there is a message in this advertisement that is somehow overt and has been used to attract the probable buyers of the fragrance. In this case, the fragrance is meant to make the buyer feel good and also make the person be more desirable to others. According to the press release, â€Å"CK One is about connecting with the group, CK Be is about connecting with yourself, and CK IN2U is all about connecting with another person† (Osmoz). In a more hidden meaning which acts as a reinforcement to the previous message, the user of the perfume will be more

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