Thursday, October 17, 2019

Adult Learning and Diversity (Research Paper) Research Paper

Adult Learning and Diversity ( ) - Research Paper Example There need to be a mode of teaching where each student feels involved. The nature at which these frameworks are integrated in a single classroom is what is attributed to improved learning. Diversity exist on two scenarios, they may involve the nature of teaching and students lifestyle. The research will link these diversities to adult learning and will establish how teachers utilize them in providing a well organized learning environment. An analysis will be done based on a controlled experiment in a real classroom scenario. Conclusion will be based on the finding of the experiment. Its interpretation will depend majorly on real life scenarios. The research will be targeting to enhance the student’s perspective of diversity and provide the teachers with guidelines in how they should handle diversity. The success of students in adult education depends on depends on their diversity. Diversity refers to the differences in social status, cultural differences, chronological age, learning style, ethnicity and nationality. Gaff (1989), connected multicultural to the learning process of any given adult facility. He called for collaborative ways in which students are exposed to exiting culture and relating them to western and other world cultures. Teaching various philosophies and performing a comparison enhances the learning process. The nature in which students are exposed to world experiences widens their perception of a given concept. There needs to be an acceptance nature where weakness of a given culture are enhanced and improved upon by existing cultures. Drawing from social and economic resources advances students in demographic diversity (Powell& Kalina, 2009). The end result is the improved thinking skills of students. They are able to critically analyze a concept and think bey ond their cocoons. They become self aware of their surroundings and be able to differentiate core- values and acquire skills to differentiate behaviors

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