Thursday, September 26, 2019

Preventing Nuclear Capacities in North Korean or Iran Essay

Preventing Nuclear Capacities in North Korean or Iran - Essay Example The United States can possibly employ the use of economic pressure to try and force North Korea to return t the six-party negotiations that also include South Korea, Russia, Japan and China. These talks were originally designed to try and help in the establishment of a peaceful resolution to security concerns that happen to result from the nuclear weapons program that had been conducted by North Korea. The United States can endeavor to utilize these talks to try and convince North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons program (Cronin, 273).1 The presence of nuclear weapons in the hands of North Korea is of relatively great concern to the United States. If the Six-party negotiations continue to be ineffective, the United States will potentially find itself quite unable to effectively address the concerns posed by nuclear capabilities in North Korea unless it engages directly with the country. A possible concession that can be made is that the United States can pledge that it will not attack North Korea if it willingly shuts down its plutonium program. Other options can involve the withdrawal of American troops from the Korean Peninsula in return for North Korea ending its uranium enrichment program (Cronin, 273).2 If all options fail, and the security of the country remains in critical danger, I would order the complete elimination of the considerable nuclear threat currently being posed by North Korea. A surgical and very speedy attack on the various nuclear weapons development sites across North Korea will have the effect of completely destroying North Korea’s ability to make nuclear bomb. It might also have the effect of precipitating the downfall of the oppressive regime of Kim-Jong-II in addition to sending a an emphatic and clear message that the United States will in no way accept any nuclear proliferation that poses as a threat to it (Ochmanek and Schwartz,

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