Monday, September 16, 2019

Jade Goody’s life – creative writing

As I turned on the TV to catch the first episode of Big Brother 3, I watched eagerly as each housemate entered the famous ‘Big Brother House'. One by one the participants passed over the threshold like lambs being lead to the slaughter. They wore nervous smiles of anticipation. The third housemate caught my eye; she was a twenty year old dental nurse who spent her early years in Bermondsey. Jade soon earned her place in the house, as the majority of housemates were picked decisively to keep the audience amused. Jade was known for causing trouble throughout her time in the BB house, ending up drunk and she was also criticized for backstabbing. From then on she was known as a loud mouthed rebel, who had a poor standard of knowledge, but she withstood numerous amounts of evictions and her popularity grew. Her time in the BB house soon came to an end and overall she came fourth in the competition. Jade's life in the public eye did not end there and then; she had a few years of publicity ahead of her†¦ Also read The Story of an Eyewitness Essay Analysis Determined and strong, Jade carried on in the spotlight and appeared in numerous gossip oriented women's magazines such as Heat and OK! She was one of the most talked about celebrities for weeks after the BB house. I admired her courage and willpower to stay popular, and in 2006 I was pleased to hear that she put herself forward to take part in the London marathon. I was proud of her because she was doing it for charity; there was a lot of negative publicity about this as people did not think that she would be able to finish the race. Anyone who is willing to participate in any form of marathon must have fortitude to do so as twenty six miles is an extensive distance. But as her drive took her to a dedicated twenty one miles her body gave in. It shows how much Jade wanted to finish the race as she did not stop until she was at the state of collapse. I think this reflects me as I usually don't give up until I am injured, or there is something permanently blocking my path! This is one of the reasons why I look up to Jade, although she had her defaults she aspired to grow in knowledge and acquire respect from the public. Very rarely did Jade seem despondent about the harsh press, and that's what I think kept her going. She even published her own autobiography: Jade: My Autobiography. Many people had no clue as to how Jade was brought up, and when this book was released in May 2006 numerous people were intrigued to find out how tough her upbringing was. Her father who was of mixed race was a drug addict who a frequent visitor in her majesties service. Jade's mother, Jackiey Budden separated from Jade's father and was left to bring her up single handedly. This was demanding for Jade's mother, but I can relate to Jade as I no longer live with my dad. After appearing on Big Brother three, Jade decided she would accept the invitation to enter Celebrity Big Brother five, as she was now a public figure. At this point in her courier Jade had earned between two million and eight million pounds. I think most people do not aspire to become famous through reality TV, as it doesn't require talent. Jades second appearance on BB included her Mother and Boyfriend entering the Big Brother house. This was when the whole racial feud between Jade and the Bollywood star Shilper Shetty took place. I felt that Jade made a fool of herself on national TV and my respect for her took a step back. As I watched the headlines I questioned whether Jade should be the only one to blame. As Jade began to redeem herself I valued her strength of mind to get her life back on track. In late 2008 Jade appeared in India's version of BB, ‘Big Boss'. I didn't think it would do anything for Jade as Shilper Shetty was going to appear on ‘Big Boss' alongside her. I was worried for Jade after the ordeal she went through previously. But nothing was said and two days into the show something awful had been uncovered. Something that made me shudder at the thought because she was a young mum with all of her life ahead of her. Something finally that could be terminal. She had been diagnosed with cervical cancer. It was all over the headlines, and when I heard I felt disbelief. The first thing that came to mind was her two sons. How is it going to affect their lives? How are they going to cope? Jade was immediately flown back to England for further testing. From that day on Jade suffered. She was strong willed and kept her battle up for a year. Her story really touched me, and this is why I have chosen to write about her because I think she is an inspiration to many women out there. It has been made apparent that because Jade made her battle with cancer so publicized more women will be aware of cervical cancer and a lot more will be saved. I think that by saving just one life, Jade's short life will not have been in vein. Jade had her ups and downs, but at the end of the day if she has prompted women to get checked out then she is, in my eye a hero.

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