Saturday, September 28, 2019

FeedHenry - Innovating in the cloud Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

FeedHenry - Innovating in the cloud - Case Study Example The strategy is to satisfy the clients’ needs across the world in order to enjoy maximum earnings (Cunningham and Gately 670). This implies that the cloud technology shall enhance value to clients, which establishes a competitive advantage through the exploitation of the market. The FeedHenry’s current business level comprises of enterprises adopting mobile applications for their marketing mix programs with an extensive base across the world. This is through the introduction of a latest cloud connectivity technology that uses centralized servers. Alternatively, the platform technology innovation enabled firms to establish their own mobile applications through the operating systems of various gadgets. The current business level focuses on conquering the market by developing distinctive advantages through their innovations (Cunningham and Gately 671). The platform technology project attracted many firms because this was an emerging aspect in the promotion of commodities. Another way of ensuring the success of the business level was through supervision of their innovations to ensure that the clients received value from the cloud technology. The corporate level strategy adopted by FeedHenry was the transformation of their operations from the web technology for media to the cloud innovation. This aspect affected their financial capacity because it requires a high investment outlay that could accommodate the new technology and modalities. It also concerned the allocation of resources to various stations for easy development of mobile apps by all the firms (Cunningham and Gately 673). Considering this change in operations, the company embraced the value-creating tactic that emphasized on gaining more market share and counting competition. The innovation of the mobile app was to capture the new opportunities evident in the telecommunication industry. The technology focus requires customers to register with them in order to have

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