Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Comparing Societies Weakness from the Perspective of Two Authors :: Compare Contrast Comparison

Comparing Societies Weakness from the Perspective of Two Authors Carol Travis and Ellen Goodman are both writers from different backgrounds with different experiences, but they share a common opinion. Both writers find a weakness with in our society. In the article In Groups We Shrink From Loner’s Heroics Travis expresses his views on societies weakness. He believes our weakness lies in the lack of emergency response in groups. In the article Countering the Culture of Sex Goodman feels the weakness is lack of sexual education given to teenagers. Though they both have different opinions, they represent a strong case for both sides. In Carol Tavris’ article, In Groups We Shrink From Loner’s Heroics, there is information about a social concern. Tavris feels that society does not respond to emergencies the same in groups as they do individually. â€Å"Something happens to individuals when they collect in a group. They think and act differently than they would on their own. Most people, if they observe some disaster or danger on their own – a woman being stabbed, a pedestrian slammed by a it-and-run driver – will at least call for help; many will even risk their own safety to intervene. But if they are in a group observing the same danger, they hold back.† (Tavris, 17) Even though people were put through, identical test the ones who were in the group atmosphere did not respond as much as the people who where alone. â€Å"In one experiment in behavioral psychology, students were seated in a room, either alone, or in-groups of three, as staged an emergency occurred: Smoke began pou ring through the vents. Students who were on there own usually hesitated a minute, got up, checked the vents and then went out to report what certainly seemed like a fire. But the students who were sitting in groups of three did not move. They sat there for six minutes, with smoke so thick they could barely see, rubbing their eyes and coughing.† (Tavris, 18) Travis uses famous example such as Rodney King, who was beaten by 4 police officers while in front of 11 other officers, and Kitty Genovese, who was repediatly stabbed to death in front of her 38 neighbors. Tavris believes that people should be more responsive in groups then they currently are. Ellen Goodman’s article, Countering the Culture of Sex, is an article that describes a different perspective of societal flaw.

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