Monday, August 26, 2019

Volunteer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Volunteer - Essay Example Therefore the workplace if full of aged workers who believe that they should be the ones in leadership positions since they have many years of experience. As a result, young managers get a difficult time supervising employees who are unhappy with the leadership structures in the firm. Hence, by choosing to clean an old person’s home, I expected I would learn a few skills on how to work with the aged. The day of the volunteering experience was quite eventful. We were a small group of five students. At first, I thought we were too many for a simple task. However, the house was quite big with a sizable yard. We assembled outside the house until everyone had arrived. When everyone was present, we knocked on the door and an elderly woman, Natalie, welcomed us in. The couple took us round the house and orientated us to the place after exchanging pleasantries. Even though they were specific about the areas to clean, we ended up identifying many other dirty places to clean. After the orientation, we sat down and planned the activities of the day. We divided ourselves into three groups of two members each. Some of us would clean the roof and repair the fence. Some would mow the lawn and help the first group when done. The remaining two would work in the house with Natalie, to clean the shelves, counters, sinks, and the washroom. Peter, one of the other volunteers, and I remained indoors to clean the house. We took a half an hour break after cleaning for three hours nonstop. During the break, Natalie was kind enough and served us coffee. After the break, we embarked on cleaning the house. Peter and I started by cleaning the sinks. Later, we moved to the shelves, and lastly we worked on the counters. We also dusted the chairs though it was not on the schedule. By the time we were finishing, the yard group had also completed their work. I managed to meet all my three learning objectives for the

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