Saturday, August 10, 2019

The life of an international student Research Paper

The life of an international student - Research Paper Example The basic reason as to why most people become international students is that the education standards in their home countries do not meet their needs. As a result, these students opt to learn in other countries whose education matches their expectations. However, in most cases, it is not easy to settle down in a foreign country as an international student. For some, the change is too overwhelming and they may opt to go back home, while others persevere and work towards achieving their goals and dreams. Luckily, some countries like the United States and Canada have programs in their universities and colleges that help international students cope with the new life. The life of an international student The transformation that an international student undergoes once they move to a foreign country cannot be understated. In most cases, being an international student means leaving your family and friends behind and adjusting to a completely new lifestyle. One is forced to learn a new languag e, learn the culture of the people, adjust to their schooling system and basically learn how to live in a new country. Before getting used to these changes, most international students feel like aliens, thus preferring to keep to themselves as they assess the people around them. With time, however, they start looking for other international student from their home countries so that the latter can help them adjust. ... Differences between the United States and the Saudi Arabian systems of education One of the challenges that international students face is the difference in education systems between their home countries and their host countries. For example, the education system of the United States differs from that of Saudi Arabia in a number of ways. One of the differences, for example, is in regard to the conduct of students in class. At the beginning, I was always the quite type in class because that is the culture of Saudi Arabian classrooms. The students in Saudi Arabian classes do not speak much but in America classrooms, the story is different as students are very opinionated. They also challenge the teachers directly in case they do not agree with what the teacher says. In addition, whereas Saudi Arabians are very disciplined in class, in terms of modes of dressing and behavior, American students have a lot of freedom. For example, students come to class in casual clothes and some even tak e snacks and sleep in class. Additionally, being from Saudi Arabia, I was accustomed to official dressing while attending class, and a lot of discipline during sessions. I, therefore, always felt odd when I went to class dressed formally and almost everyone else was in casual wear. Although I have tried to adapt to the American classroom culture, is still find myself being formal in dressing as I attend class and reserving some of my opinions during lectures. In addition to the classroom setting, I was also confused at the beginning because the American system seems to place so much emphasis on education and leaves little space for socialization. Here in the United States, one is expected to either be in class, in a study group, doing research, or participating in

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