Saturday, August 24, 2019

TD 5 MGT 491 Integration and Reflection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

TD 5 MGT 491 Integration and Reflection - Essay Example This approach chains HR systems to staff’s assisting actions. Two widely discussed prototypes of HR systems with well-defined objectives include the compliance and commitment systems. These systems can impact organizations in different ways. Compliance system, staff is monitored and controlled by a set of rules and regulations. This is assumed to motivate and benefit them. Employees are seen as an unnecessary expense and are kept to a minimum to cut on costs and improve efficiency. Adherence to company’s goals is achieved by setting well specified rules and procedures. Commitment systems, on the other hand, is focused on the employee wellbeing. Employees are seen as capable and highly motivated. The employees are required to act in ways favorable to the collectivity. In this system however, there is a thin line between self and others as employees’ behaviors’ are geared towards getting ahead and obtaining benefits from the organization as a collectivity.(Kevin, Hettie, & Randall, 2011) I would advise the senior management to choose the commitment system which is broadly mutual rather than the compliance system which is control oriented and market driven. Employees are necessary for an organization to flourish therefore, goal oriented relationships between employees and the organization is necessary. With the commitment system in place, the employees’ specific contributions can be assessed and fully realized as there will be full acceptance of the organization’s target unlikely to be achieved through a set of rules and regulations as used in the compliance system. A compliance system focuses on trends in market prices while commitment HR system will focus on sustaining a communal sharing which will enhance team work and yield better results for the organization and therefore commitment HR system is the better

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