Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Social Service Worker Program to Deal with Oppression Research Paper

Social Service Worker Program to Deal with Oppression - Research Paper Example This research paper investigates the oppression of women domestic workers in Canada, the consequences of this oppression and how social services can be improved upon by analyzing a number of articles on the relevant topic. Stasiulis and Baken in an article titled "Negotiating citizenship: the case of foreign domestic workers in Canada", discuss the concept of citizenship as a negotiated entity and have used the example of foreign domestic workers in Canada as a means to demonstrate that citizenship is negotiated on global and national levels. They stated that because these domestic workers in Canada are often not citizens of Canada; they are colored workers originating from different countries but they work for predominantly white and affluent Canadian women. So they are often subjected to abusive conditions at work. The authors have pointed out that in the new era of globalization, the principles of Keynesianism which were in favor of expanding the social services network, have given way to a need for a higher level of competitiveness in order to succeed in the marketplace. Therefore, many Governments are re-formulating the concept of citizenship. Stasiulis and Baken have dealt specifically with the issue of oppression of domestic workers in Canada and how their non-citizenship status has contributed to their oppression and suffering. They point out that the notion of citizenship itself may need to be renegotiated, away from its earlier view of the relationship between a single individual and the nation state.

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