Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Research Design DB Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Research Design DB - Essay Example The said actions resulted to a vicious cycle of manipulating records to be able to present a continuous growth of the company (Fusaro, Miller, & James, 2002). Basically, the misrepresentation of the company records can be considered as an escalating problem that is a continuous threat to the company’s survival. The fraud has been kept for long due to the fact there is an existence of accounts in other countries that were able to hide the real losses of the company. In the absence of such accounts, the manipulation of the records cannot be possible. On the other hand though, although the said actions are carefully undertaken, the unconventional presentation of records continuously raised suspicion until the said company finally collapsed due to the lack of supporting assets (Fusaro, Miller, & James, 2002). The misuse of the data by Enron can be considered to benefit the reputation and the price of the stocks during the particular time. The company had been able to continuously lead the market although loses can be considered substantial. The said loses which are well hidden during that time had been the cause of the fall of the company. Every data that are related to finding out the crimes committed limits the operation of the company (Bazerman, 2006; Fusaro, Miller, & James, 2002). In relation the ethical implications of the Enron case, the fraud and deceit of the different parties that are involved can be considered as the main issue. Basically, any misrepresentation of data specifically in business organizations can be ethically questioned. The fact that the company lacks the real assets that amounts to the values represented in the records can be considered as the main basis of the bound failure of Enron. In addition, the ethical implications of such actions of the financial personnel can be considered of detrimental effects in any business

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