Friday, August 23, 2019

Managing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Managing - Essay Example All these will be aimed at engaging with the organization in the closet manner possible so that the quality of data collected would be good enough to answer the question under study. To enhance authenticity of the entire process the process will be carried out in a number of days to avoid jeopardising the normal operations of the organization that would result in skewed information being collected that would not depict the real situation in the firm. Research ethics will be given priority through the entire process and in that light the study will be conducted with objectivity as I will try to avoid any form of bias in the experimental design that might tend to depict the firm in a negative manner. Data integrity will be highly observed as all the information sourced from the employees and the management will only be used for the purpose of the research and no other intention whatsoever. Confidentiality of classified data will also be maintained, and the information about the organization will not be published or exposed to third parties without prior consent of the management of Qvc Inc. Finally, the research will observe respect for intellectual property, and any scholarly article that will be utilized in the process will have to be acknowledged

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