Friday, August 9, 2019

Integrations and reflection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Integrations and reflection - Essay Example My skills and abilities to deal with numbers have also increased and I am now able to interpret figures well. This course has made me more confident in terms of handling statistical tools. During this session I was asked by my teacher to create a project that would encompass all the statistical methods and this would be used to analyze the data of real life organization. I tried my best to fulfill the conditions of the project but somehow I feel that I could have done better by incorporating more of statistical methods and getting them approved by my teacher before applying them on any real time data. I did not understand three topics related to the course that is ANOVA and regression, statistics survey, and probability. These topics I feel were not well explained by my teacher. These topics need further improvement according to me and I feel that it would be more beneficial if more problems are given in the class to be solved (Johnson & Kuby, 2011). These problems should be diverse so that students are able to apply maximum methods to derive solutions and interpret the results. In any course it is very essential to build a strong knowledge base as on it lays the future progress and development. I feel the best way to measure to future progress is by evaluating the level of understanding. If I opt for a career related to statistics then my marks would be a measuring tool for the outcomes of this course. The other factor is that this course would enable me to think towards a direction and choose a career that would help me to explore the skills that I gained through this course. I was able to achieve the outcomes of the course however I feel that I could have been more proficient with the statistical tools and methods. I was able to understand the different approaches in statistics and would be able to deal with problems efficiently in the future. The other learning outcome that I achieved is that of

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