Sunday, August 25, 2019

Change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Change - Essay Example As such, hospitals have shifted their conventional approach where they were run on voluntarism basis to a more contemporary and competitive approach. This approach has seen many hospitals corporatize their services thereby adopting normal organizational management approaches and strategies like change management. It is important to note that in their pursuit of organizational strategizing many of them have closed down while others have survived the competition. Majority of those which have closed down have done so as a result of inefficient management, others have created barriers for all patients to access medical care. In the workplace there is need for change management to take place in respect to number of staff. The hospital is operating quite inefficiently as a result of having an unnecessary high number of staff. Redundancy creeps in where many workers are doing the same thing without creativity or level of innovation. Considering the number of both outpatients and inpatients the available manpower is way above the optimum which results in wastage of time. This also results in wastage of finances which could otherwise be used to improve on quality of medical care provided. In order to ensure that all employees work optimally and to reduce on cost of operations, a downsizing plan is necessary (Schulz & Johnson, 2003). When considering the Lewin’s Force Field Analysis driving forces and restraining forces have three major elements each. Downsizing strategy/ Lewin’s Force Field Analysis This is a measure that is quite sensitive in many organizations as labor unions and other restraining forces play crucial roles. It is also referred to as restructuring or reorganizing. It is complex to implement as it also requires restructuring of job designations, change in departments and their consolidations among others (Cohn & Hough, 2008). Although highly unpopular this strategy has worked for many corporate organizations like GM and IBM. Since hospital s have adopted corporate measures in management then change strategies cannot be blind to downsizing. One of the driving forces is cost saving which is the most obvious of all benefits. Due to the increased pressure for hospitals to be self reliant and increased control of care plans the hospital needs to cut down on its cost of operations (Mason, Leavitt & Chaffee, 2007). This subsequently creates an internal pool of resources which are in turn used to improve on services offered. The economic condition is not at its best with many sectors still recovering from the recent 2007-09 global economic meltdown. The other force is improved efficiency especially by targeting employees whose jobs do not contribute directly to revenues and which do not heavily affect the hospital’s core operations. The strategy will also help in weeding out poor performers and retain highly skilled employees. Efficiency is also derived when the few remaining employees focus their energy towards core d uties of the hospital. There is also shorter communication channels and improved responsiveness. This way bureaucracy is eliminated resulting to a more flat command structure. The third major force is labor mobility which benefits the hospital in an indirect way. In case many employees will be found to be non performers it will be relatively easy to hire new ones coming from inefficient or closed hospitals. On the other hand there are competing forces that

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