Thursday, July 25, 2019

Museum paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Museum paper - Essay Example Adams is not only a photographer par excellence, he is also a famous environmentalist known for pushing preservationist agendas and working for the protection of the American natural heritage (Bowers, 2007). The sublime in nature is clearly evident in most of his works where the majesty of the natural environment is presented to the viewers unadulterated by colors. The collection on display at the Bowers Museum features not only pictures of nature but also of man and some which are in combination. Clearly, Adams was not looking at nature to the exclusion of human beings since he does take his own self portrait amongst natural surroundings even if it is just a shadow of his self which is imposed on nature. However, the images and the artist himself come with the implication that nature is certainly a fundamental part of who he is and what he thinks is important (Bowers, 2007). On the other hand, Chuck Close seems to be focusing on the art and wealth of effort which is required to produce a single work of art. While the works seem like pictures and images when seen from a distance, upon closer examination the art seems to dissolve into pixels that can be found on television or computer screens (OCMA, 2007). This I found to be quite magical since the image presented by the artists could change significantly depending on the distance I was standing away and the areas I was focusing on. Chuck Close’s work does not focus on the elements of nature which surround us but rather it focuses on the greatest creation of nature, i.e. human beings. More exactly, it focuses on the human face in its many variations, colors, shapes and ages. For example, the Self-Portrait of the artist shows a middle aged man who is looking directly at the audience while Emma shows a young child who seems to be gazing into the distance rather than looking at the viewer (OCMA, 2007).

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