Sunday, July 28, 2019

Infrindgment & others Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Infrindgment & others - Essay Example A computer is a device that is meant to ease work as well as make data organized and easily accessible. In the developed countries, children are introduced to computers at a very tender age, and they use them for the rest of their lives and hence are hardly hit by the negative effects. Computers pose a risk of the user suffering from musculoskeletal disorders due to the repetitive poster and body movements one has while using the computer (Karavidas, Lim, and Katsikas, 2005, p.699). The continuous use of a computer can make on experience pain on the fingers and upper arm since these body parts are in action while using the computer. The repetitive use of the keyboard leads to inflammation in the carpal tunnel and hence causing a painful syndrome called the carpal tunnel syndrome (Saba, Pocklington  and Miller, 2008, p.66). Many people use the computer for prolonged hours which lead to there being little blood flow in the muscles. The body muscles do not contract and relax and hence an imbalance of blood flow in the muscles takes place which can cause pain on the muscles of the user. Computers are used while sitting and this body posture leads to complications with the back, neck and shoulders. Consistent and continuous use of the computer causes the back to ache due to poor blood flow and also causes the neck to ache due to maintaining one position for a long time. A computer user often has their arms folded at ninety degrees while typing and this position of the hand fatigues the shoulder very fast. The most common health risk of computers is eye and vision impairment due to the bright light that computers produce and the fact that the light is so close to the eyes. Continuous use of the computer makes the user have a blurred vision once they withdraw their eyes from the machine. The eyes have a tendency of getting fatigued and due to so much straining

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