Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Emergency assignment for the subject Supply Chain Management. Writer Essay

Emergency assignment for the subject Supply Chain Management. Writer MUST be ON TIME. Writer also needs to send me references files which you used. Writer nee - Essay Example Some of the books will be Supply Chain Management: In theory and Practice, by Birgit Dam Jespersen and Tage Skjtt-Larsen, as well as another book called Supply Chain Management: Concepts and Cases, by Rahul V Altekar. While the first book discusses the basics that form the conception of supply chain management, the second book discusses various cases that help demonstrate the elements of this concept in a better way. Further, the journal articles will focus on the work produced by the Supply Chain Management Professionals, so as to gain an insight into this area of operational significance in the organisation. These journal articles will include Coordinated Supply Chain Management by D. J Thomas and P. M Griffin, for the European Journal of Operational Research. Apart from such articles, there will be a strong focus on Internet sources like which describes various strategies as well as business policies that support systems like supply chain management and knowledge management. Texan Foods is a company founded and based in Texas, near Amarillo. Born in the year 1941, this company has grown from strength to strength to consolidate its standing as one of the best gourmet chain which specialises in grocery products. Their line of products includes croissants, English muffins as well as exotic sandwich breads, buns and other baked goods like tortillas. Besides being a household name by the mid 90s with ample support from a former oil businessman, R.L (Buddy) Howlett, who was its founder and a successful entrepreneur, this company had come to employ a major supplier who went by name of Valley. (Autry, 2005)2 As a big manufacturing company, it has been demonstrated that Texan has a very poor system of supply chain management as far as its model of collaboration, planning, forecasting and replenishment (CPFR), is concerned. To start with, let us describe the exact nuances of supply chain management, in context of the CPFR model. Supply chain management (SCM) may be defined as that sphere of activities that takes place in context of planning, implementing, and controlling the operations. These operations or activities, in turn, are connected with the management of the supply chain so as to effectively cater to the requirements of the customer and gain complete satisfaction of the same through a focus on optimum ulisation of resources. (Atlekar, 2005)3 In this regard, supply chain management deals with all activities pertaining to the mobilisation, storage as well as an account of the semi finished and finished products that are of value to the end user. (Hugos, 2005)4 In this context, various scholars have also refered to this form and area of management as logistics as it connects the quantitative areas of assessment with the qualitative goal achievement progress of the organisation. These areas have been assessed in Texan, through inputs from two officials who are connected with the operational realities of the supply chain management system followed at Texan. Chapter 1.2: Problem Areas In this regard, Texan

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