Friday, July 26, 2019

Designing Learning and Development Activities Essay

Designing Learning and Development Activities - Essay Example The essay "Designing Learning and Development Activities" analyzes the required factors to make a successful learning session. The paper also overviews the methods available to assess learning and performance. There are numerous methods available to assess learning and performance although the most vital factor in selecting the assessment tool should base on the type of audience, experience, education, venue and subject matter. In adult learning theories and Andragogical learning phenomena, the most effective way of adult learning is self-directed and experiential learning, where a participant can experience the problem first hand and propose a solution for it. Such activities are more effective in groups since brainstorming can provide alternatives. The culture and environment of the organization can impact the training, if an organization has a culture that is redundant to change with no regards to self-improvement or learning activities; learning activities would not be fruitful and participants would yawn in even the most appropriate training session with a lot of exciting and job relevant activities. Learning methods range from one-sided lecture-like training to facilitator based learning sessions. Both methodologies have their pros and cons although both are still used widely in organizations depending on the type of training and intended audience. A one-sided training is suitable for learning sessions that are general in nature, for example, code of conduct or explaining a policy to the employees.

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